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    • A purer return on the environment, and your investment.

A purer return on the environment, and your investment.

Dow Oil & Gas offers proven, market-tested polymer science capabilities to help service companies develop products to treat oil from production operations while maintaining compliance with increasingly restrictive environmental regulations. Our polymer chemistries and technologies help ensure the improvement of the quality and environmental integrity of a well's performance without increasing the cost of servicing the well.

Our R & D powerhouse, which includes state-of-the-art high-throughput synthesis and applications testing, can quickly pinpoint solutions based on specific needs:


Meet water-in-oil specifications more quickly at a lower dosage. Our extensive DEMTROL™ line of demulsifiers, or “emulsion breakers,” are highly effective in removing water from water-in-oil emulsions to provide dry, on-specification oil. Formulations made with our DEMTROL™ demulsifiers can improve the separation rate in offshore separators, allow a smaller footprint and increased capacity for existing units.

Water clarifiers

Environmental concerns are clear: we must value and respect the scarcity of water as one of our most precious natural resources.

Water clarifiers from Dow Oil & Gas provide a valuable solution for separating oil from produced water and reverse (oil-in-water) emulsions. Our anionic and nonionic polymer chemistry solutions are effective and environmentally responsible and can help treat produced water for reinjection, discharge or recycling in areas such as chemical enhanced oil recovery.

Residual oil in reinjection water can adversely affect injectivity in the reservoir, resulting in lost revenue. Clean water is necessary for peak performance as well as long term production of a well. Our ROMAX™ water clarifier technologies can help significantly lower the oil and contaminant content of injection water, so that it can be safely and responsibly reused or discharged back into the environment.1

Flocculants for oil sands

As traditional oil wells - the “easy” oil - become depleted, the industry looks to other, more aggressive methods of meeting the world's energy requirements. Production and extraction from unconventional oil sources, such as Canada's vast reserves of oil sands, provides new opportunities but also results in unique challenges, especially in phase separation. Dow Oil & Gas continues to develop new solutions in phase separation for unconventional oil reservoirs. We have chemistries and technologies for non-traditional demulsifying processes. We are developing technologies to help solve the issue of tailing consolidation.

Contact us. We'd like to talk to you about your unique challenges with unconventional oil. We'll work with you to find solutions based on your specific needs.

Foam control

Our foam control technologies keep naturally occurring foam and bubbles down during phase separation processes, helping equipment stay up and running.

Foaming agents

Our line of surfactant technologies improves gas well production by helping to separate water from the well gas downhole, allowing gas to rise to the surface more easily.

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1 Please consult local codes or regulations regarding appropriate disposal and other possible restrictions for your area.